How to Declare a Biology B.A. Major

Updated 1/18/2023

Major Declarations for Spring 2023 can be submitted between the first day of class, January 18th, and the last day of classes, May 2nd. Major declarations will be processed and major advisors assigned within 3 weeks after they are submitted.

Eligibility Requirements

B.A. Degree in Biology:

1. Complete either BIOL 2100 or any 3000-level BIOL course at UVA.
Students with AP or IB BIOL credit for BIOL 2100 must have completed any 3000-level BIOL course at UVA prior to declaring the B.A. degree.

2. Have at least a 2.000 cumulative GPA at UVA and be in good academic standing.

Transfer students:
Incoming 3rd year transfer students may declare the B.A. degree during their first semester, provided they are enrolled in either BIOL 3000 or BIOL 3010. Incoming 3rd year transfer students may initially only declare the B.A. degree in Biology.

B.S. Degree in Biology:

Students who originally declared a B.A. degree at the end of their second year may change (i.e. re-declare) to the B.S. program, once they have met these eligibility requirements: *  

1.Complete all three core courses with a cumulative average 2.700 GPA (B-)
BIOL 3000 Cell Biology
BIOL 3010 Genetics & Molecular Biology
BIOL 3020 Evolution & Ecology

2. Have at least a 2.000 cumulative GPA at UVA and be in good academic standing

*Note:  The College deadline for changing your major declaration is February 1st of your last semester.

To declare a Biology Major:

1. Fill in the corresponding checklist. Save as a PDF.


2. Download your transcript from SIS. Save as a PDF.

3. Follow the DocuSign instructions to complete the DocuSign form online.

  • Enter your name and email under “Student
  • Enter the following under Declaration of Major Contact:
    Name: Tess Matukonis
  • Click "Begin Signing" at the bottom of the PowerForm. This will lead you to the actual Major Declaration form. You will complete the required fields on the form. 

Examples for your tentative course plans:

List of Lab/Disciplinary Area Requirements

Declaration of Major and Minor Form for the BA or BS Degree Declaration of Major & Minor Form for the BA or BS Degree Declaration of Major and Minor Form for the BA or BS Degree

4. Attach your transcript and B.A./B.S. checklist to your declaration. (PDFs)

5. Once you receive your declaration form back from DocuSign, it will have your advisor listed on the form. You should contact your advisor to discuss your proposed courses. You will find their contact information here.

You major should appear in SIS within about ten days. Please check your SIS account to verify.

Incomplete forms or forms without the correct attachments will not be processed. 

Declarations will only be processed when fall and spring courses are underway.

Go to the Biology major email list and sign up for emails to receive important information.

Questions? Contact the biology undergraduate coordinator at