Kinsey Barrett

Pre-Award Research Administrator

Sage Bradburn

Graduate Coordinator and Assistant to the Chair

Megan Champion

Finance, Administration & Department Manager

Mountain Lake Biological Station
326Q Gilmer Hall

[email protected]
(434) 982-5486

Kristine Chaussée

Departmental Finance and Administration Manager

326K Gilmer Hall

[email protected]
(434) 982-5612

Kay Christopher

Teaching Lab Coordinator/Preparator

333 Gilmer Hall

[email protected]
(434) 982-2680

Chris Claussen

Greenhouse Manager

Biology Greenhouse
118 Chemistry

[email protected]
(434) 982-5628

Rick Davis

Shop Manager

126 Gilmer Hall

[email protected]
(434) 982-5625

David Glover

Project Associate

501 Chemistry

[email protected]
(434) 982-5619

Lisa Horning

Senior Administrative Assistant

Lisa Ishler

Undergraduate Coordinator

326P Gilmer Hall

[email protected]

Jaime Jones

Station Manager

Mountain Lake Biological Station

240 Salt Pond Circle, Pembroke

[email protected]
(540) 626-7196

Sherrie Jones

Administrative Coordinator

326 Gilmer Hall

[email protected]
(434) 982-5474

Ray Lam

Computer Engineer

326D Gilmer

[email protected]
(434) 243-5203

Mary Liberman

Fiscal Technician

326J Gilmer Hall

[email protected]
(434) 982-5613

Terry Ludovissy

Finance Generalist

326F Gilmer Hall

[email protected]
(434) 982-5490

Patty Marshall

Grants Specialist

326G Gilmer Hall

[email protected]
(434) 982-4947

Claudine Morgan

Vivarium, Acting Supervisor

Gilmer Hall

[email protected]
(434) 982-5410

Jennifer Musselman


Jackie Parker

Teaching Lab Preparator

345 Gilmer Hall

[email protected]
(434) 297-5113