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Jul 8, 2016

Dr. Eyleen O'Rourke and colleagues are planning to create the first-ever 3-D computer model of an entire living animal, cell by cell, in order to better understand complex disease mechanisms. The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans forms the basis of this endeavor, as in excess of 60% of its genes function essentially the same as human genes.

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Jun 22, 2016

Dr. Eyleen O'Rourke has been awarded a $1.2 million grant by the W.M. Keck Foundation for her project entitled "Predictive Modeling of Animal Metabolism: The C. elegans MetaboFlux Project". This project involves the development of a "silico animal", much like a Tamagotchi but with real molecular level responses. Congratulations, Eyleen!

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Jun 17, 2016

Dr. Eyleen O'Rourke has been selected to be a Fellow of the American Federation for Aging Research. This honor is accompanied by an award of $100,000.00 for the continuation of Eyleen's research and outstanding contributions to the field of aging. Congratulations, Eyleen!

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Jun 13, 2016

On Thursday, June 9, Eyleen O’Rourke was named a Pew Scholar in the biomedical sciences. Twenty PEW scholars in biomedical sciences are selected each year by the National Advisory Committee of the program, currently chaired by Nobel Laureate Craig Mello.

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Jun 10, 2016

Joel McGlothlin, a biologist at Virginia Tech and a former postdoctoral fellow in the Brodie Lab, and Butch Brodie have co-authored a paper on predator/prey co-evolution which has been published in the latest issue of Current Biology. The study focuses on the resistance of garter snakes to the potent toxins found in some of their prey species.

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