Genomics Core


Established in 2009 by the Department of Biology, the Genomics Core Facility (GCF) was designed to support research and education at UVA by providing students and faculty with access to genomics related instrumentation and next-generation sequencing technology.  Intended as a shared resource core facility, the GCF provides sequencing and genomics services including 454, Illumina and Sanger sequencing.  The GCF provides guidance and services throughout each step of sequencing research, including experimental design and consultation, template isolation and quality control, library construction, sequencing, and some basic bioinformatic analysis of next-generation sequence data.  Formal training is also offered for all instrumentation and experimental protocols in use by the GCF. 


  • Applied Biosystems 3130xl Genetic Analyzer
  • Roche 454 GS FLX
  • Illumina MiSeq benchtop sequencer
  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer
  • Applied Biosystems 7500Fast Real-Time PCR
  • Digilab Hydroshear
  • Beckman Coulter Z1 Coulter Counter
  • Qubit Fluorometer 1.0
  • Molecular Dynamics SpectraMax M3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
  • Covaris M220 Focused Ultrasonicator
  • Biomek NXp liquid handling robot



Sanger sequencing
- Big-dye terminator reaction setup
- Big-dye terminator reaction cleanup/DNA precipitation
- Sequencing of externally prepared PCR products and/or plasmids

- Rapid library (shotgun) library construction
- Paired end (3- and 8-kb) library construction
- Sequencing of externally prepared libraries (i.e. transcriptome, amplicon)

- Standard DNA/cDNA library construction
- Small RNA-Seq library construction
- Post-bisulfite DNA library construction
- RADseq library construction
- MiSeq Illumina sequencing

Template preparation/QC
- Qubit 1.0, BR DNA Kit
- Quant-iT, dsDNA Broad Range Assay kit
- Agilent Bioanalyzer profiles, DNA and RNA
- Shearing using nebulization, Hydroshear, BioRuptor, Covaris
- Purification/size selection using Agencourt AMPure XP magnetic beads

Library quality control
- KAPA Biosystems qPCR assay for 454 and Illumina
- SYBR Green, standard qPCR
- Agilent Bioanalyzer profiles
- 2x50bp MiSeq QC library run

For all inquiries regarding training, project design, and pricing please contact:

AnhThu Nguyen
Operations Manager
(434) 243-9657