Jung-Bum Shin

Associate Professor, Neuroscience (Courtesy Appointment)
MR4, 5153
434-924-1374 (lab)


  • Diplom, Biochemistry, Tuebingen University, Germany
  • PhD, Biology, Max-Delbrueck Center and Free University of Berlin, Germany
  • Postdoc, Auditory Neuroscience, Vollum Institute and Oregon Health Science University

Research Interests

The goal of my research program is to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying hearing and deafness. Hearing is mediated by sensory hair cells, part of a highly specialized neuroepithelium in the inner ear. Our research is concerned with how hair cells work, how they are maintained and repaired, and how they die. Considering the fact that hair cells cannot be regenerated, the research guided by these questions is crucial for understanding the root causes of hearing and balance disorders, and for preventing hearing loss.

Despite the innate clinical relevance of hearing research, the driving force for my research has always been a plain fascination for the beauty of sensory hair cells. No other cell type embodies the principle of “Form Follow Function” more compellingly, presenting a beautiful model to study the basic principles of cellular development, sensory transduction and cellular degeneration. Please visit our website to learn more about our research: http://www.shinlabuva.com/