UVA Biology Faculty Hank Shugart

Herman Shugart

W. W. Corcoran Professor of Environmental Sciences
374 Clark Hall
(434) 924-7642

Research Interests

I am a systems ecologist and my primary research interests focus on the simulation modeling of forest ecosystems. I has developed and tested models of biogeochemical cycles, energy flow and secondary succession. In my most recent work, I use computer models to simulate the growth, birth and death of each tree on small forest plots. The simulations describe changes in forest structure and composition over time, in response to both internal and external sources of perturbation. The models are applied at spatial scales ranging in size from small forest gaps to entire landscapes and at temporal scales of years to millennia.

Representative Publications

  • Shugart, H.H. 1998.  Terrestrial Ecosystems in Changing Environments. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. 537 pp.
  • Shugart, H.H. 2003.  A Theory of Forest Dynamics: The Ecological Implications of Forest Succession Models. Blackburn Press. Caldwell, New Jersey. 278 pp.
  • Shugart, H.H. 2004. How the Earthquake Bird got Its Name and Other Tales of an Unbalanced Nature. Yale University Press, New Haven, Connecticut. 227 pp.
  • Shugart, H.H. and F.I. Woodward. 2011. Global Change and the Terrestrial Biosphere: Achievements and Challenges.  Wiley-Blackwell Press, Oxford. 242 pp.
  • Shugart, H.H. 2014. Foundations of the Earth: Global Ecological Change and The Book of Job.  Columbia University Press, New York. 354 pages.

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