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Eric Nagy

Professor of Biology, General Faculty, Director of Plant Growth Facilities; Associate Director, Mountain Lake Biological Station
401 PLSB
(434) 243-4989 / (540) 626-5227
cell (434) 906-3122


  • B.A., Oberlin College, 1985  
  • M.A., University of California, 1993  
  • Ph.D., University of California, 1995

Research Interests

My interests are in research and instructional support. I enjoy building the structure and organization needed for field-based science and learning. At Mountain Lake Biological Station I direct university and NSF-funded programs and spearhead improvements to scientific services and infrastructure that serve researchers and students. I am most excited by planning, executing, and supporting initiatives that build a field station’s capacity and serve its mission.

My experience includes executive administration, facilities and program planning, research design and execution, site operations, residential operations, budget management, academic program management, policy and governance development, grant writing, IT network design and operations, scientific equipment management, data and collections management, staff supervision, student mentoring, and building cooperative and collaborative relationships.

Mountain Lake Biological Station (MLBS) is a busy, year-round, productive research and teaching center. We have a nationally recognized NSF-funded REU-Site program which is the flagship of the station’s training activities. I work closely with the national and international field station communities and engage government and non-government organizations to strengthen the voice of science to the general public and policy makers.

At MLBS I facilitate and advance the station’s research mission and programs. In large part, this means supporting and improving the facilities and operations researchers and students rely on to conduct their work and live on site.

Representative  Publications 

  • Wilson, A.E., J.L. Pollock, I. Billick, C. Domingo, E.G. Fernandez-Figueroa, E.S. Nagy, T.D. Steury, A. Summers. 2018. Assessing Science Training Programs: Structured undergraduate research programs make a difference. BioScience 68(1):529-534. doi:10.1093/biosci/biy052.
  • Potter, S., S.G. Stafford, J.L. Travis, J.P. Collins, S.T.A. Pickett, C.B. Fenster, E.S. Nagy, M. Poston. 2015. Opportunities Abound: A call for leadership in the life sciences. BioScience 65(1):14-20.
  • Porter, J.H,  E.S. Nagy, P.C. Hanson, T.K. Kratz, S.L. Collins and P. Arzberger.  2009.  New Eyes on the World: advanced sensors for ecology.  BioScience 59(5):385-397.  Invited.  
  • Rice, K.J. and E.S. Nagy.  2000.  Oak canopy effects on the distribution patterns of two annual grasses: the role of competition and soil nutrients.  American Journal of Botany 87: 1699–1706. 
  • Nagy, E.S., L. Strong, and L.F. Galloway.  1999.  Contribution of delayed autonomous selfing to reproductive success in Mountain Laurel, Kalmia latifolia (Ericaceae).  American Midland Naturalist 142: 39-46.
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