David McLeod

Instructor of Biology
160 Chemistry
(434) 243-9140


  • PhD, University of Kansas 
  • MS, University of Nebraska Lincoln 
  • BSEd, Emporia State University

Research Interests

As a herpetologist, educator, and anatomist, my interests cover a broad spectrum of topics including biodiversity, conservation, science education, morphology (anatomy), and systematics.  I am particularly interested in the morphology of adult and larval amphibians, and understanding relationships within species complexes. Understanding phylogenetic relationships based on molecular and morphological data sets provides a starting point for addressing questions related to topics such as systematics and taxonomy, development, functional morphology, and character evolution. The overarching goal of my research efforts is to make practical contributions towards conservation efforts and an understanding of biodiversity in regions where diversity is both underestimated and threatened by environmental and anthropogenic factors.

  • Sparacino, A.M*., V.H. Gonzalez, S. Ball, J.J. Cielocha, K. Helm*, D.S. McLeod. 2018. A quantitative analysis of four undergraduate human anatomy laboratory curricula: approaches, identified structures, concepts, and thematic emphases. Medical Science Educator.'
  • Paris III, J.M*, P. Mahan*, V.H. Gonzalez, D.S. McLeod. 2016. Diet composition of Southeast Asian fanged frogs of the Limnonectes kuhlii species complex. Herpetological Review. 47(4):549­–552
  • Ahmad-Sah, H.H., U. Grafe, A. Dornburg,  A. M. Bauer, R. Abdul-Wahab, L.L. Grismer,  G. J. Watkins-Colwell, D.S. McLeod. 2016. The Amphibians, Reptiles and Fishes of the 2012 Bukit Pagon Expedition, Brunei Darussalam. Bulletin of the Peabody Museum of Natural History 57(1):97–114.

*undergraduate student author