UVA Biology People Kittlesen

David Kittlesen

Associate Professor of Biology, General Faculty
204 PLSB
(434) 982-5639


  • Ph.D., Biology & Biomedical Sciences, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, 1993
  • BA, Biology, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN, 1987



Research Interests

  • Pedagogical innovation in undergraduate biology
  • Mechanisms of viral immune evasion
  • Discovery of human T cell tumor antigens and translation to experimental vaccines/clinical trials



Current UVA Courses

  • Biol 2100, Introduction to Biology with Laboratory: Cell Biology and Genetics
  • Biol 3270, General Microbiology with Laboratory (instructor of lab component)
  • Biol 3240, Introduction to Immunology
  • Biol 4390, Biological Therapy of Cancer
  • Cola 1500, Why Haven’t We Cured Cancer?

Representative Publications

  • Slingluff, C.L. Jr. Yamshchikov, G., Neese, P. Galavotti, H., Eastham, S., Engelhard, VH., Kittlesen, D., Deacon, D., Hibbitts, S., Grosh, WW., Petroni, G., Cohen, R., Wiernasz, C., Patterson, J.W., Conway, B.P., Ross, W.G. (2001). Phase I trial of a melanoma vaccine with gp100(280-288) peptide and tetanus helper peptide in adjuvant: immunologic and clinical outcomes. Clinical Cancer Research, 7(10):3012-24.
  • Slingluff, C.L. Jr., Colella, T.A., Thompson, L., Graham, D.D., Skipper, J.C., Caldwell, J., Brinckerhoff, L., Kittlesen, D.J., Deacon, D.H., Oei, C., Harthun, N.L., Huczko, E.L., Hunt, D.F., Darrow, T.L., Engelhard, V.H., (2000). Melanomas with concordant loss of multiple melanocytic differentiation proteins: immune escape that may be overcome by targeting unique or undefined antigens. Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, 48(12):661-72.
  • Yang, S., Kittlesen, D., Slingluff, C.L. Jr., Vervaert ,C.E., Seigler, H.F., Darrow T.L. (2000). Dendritic cells infected with a vaccinia vector carrying the human gp100 gene simultaneously present multiple specificities and elicit high-affinity T cells reactive to multiple epitopes and restricted by HLA-A2 and -A3. Journal of Immunology, 164(8):4204-11.
  • Kittlesen, D.J., Chianese-Bullock, K.A., Yao, Z.Q., Braciale, T.J., Hahn, YS., (2000). Interaction between complement receptor gC1qR and hepatitis C virus core protein inhibits T-lymphocyte proliferation. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 106(10):1239-49.