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Ammasi Periasamy

Professor, General Faculty, of Biology and Biomedical Engineering; Center Director, WM Keck Center for Cellular Imaging
005 PLSB
(434) 243-7602
Lab: (434) 982-4869


  • B.S., Physics, University of Madras, India, 1972                  
  • M.S., Physics, (optics & Spectroscopy), Annamalai University, India, 1974           
  • M.S., Bio Eng., Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, 1980          
  • Ph.D., Bio Eng., Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, 1983        
  • Postdoc, Bio Eng., University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1984-1987

Research Interests

Area of research: Light Microscopy, Protein-protein Interactions and Metabolism

Dr. Periasamy is an internationally recognized expert in advanced light microscopy techniques, particularly in the area of molecular imaging in living cells, tissue and animal. A key area of his research is focused on the design and development of optical methodology including advanced light microscopy techniques to investigate/monitor exogenous and endogenous protein-protein interactions, intravital imaging and monitoring the physical parameters of normal versus cancer cells/tissues. Dr. Periasamy is one of the pioneers in the development of fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) for measuring the oscillations in cytosolic and nuclear free calcium in single intact living cells. He developed a 2- and 3-color steady state, confocal, multiphoton, and FLIM based Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) imaging system for protein localization in living specimens.

Representative Publications

  • O’Melia, M.J., Wallrabe, H., Svindrych, Z., Rehman, S. and Periasamy, A. (2016). FLIM data analysis of NADH and tryptophan autofluorescence in prostate cancer cells. Proc. SPIE Int. Soc. Opt. Eng.,9712: 97122E. (pP1-6).
  • Sun, Y. and Periasamy, A. (2015). Localizing protein-protein interactions in living cells using fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy. Methods in Mol. Biol., Vol. 1251: 83-108.
  • Periasamy A. (2014). "Advanced light microscopy". Methods, 15: 66(2):121-123.
  • Jyothikumar, V., Sun, Y. and Periasamy, A. (2013). Investigation of tryptophan-NADH in live human cells using 3-photon fluorescence lifetime imaging. J. Biomed. Opt., 18(6): 060501.
  • Sun, Y., Day, R.N. and Periasamy, A. (2011). Investigating protein-protein interactions in living cells using fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy. Nature Protocols, 6: 1324-1340.