Publication: C. elegans germline microinjection efficiency

Daniel C McIntyre and Ariel M Pani
August 21, 2023

A simple method to dramatically increase C. elegans germline microinjection efficiency

Genome manipulation methods in C. elegans require microinjecting DNA or ribonucleoprotein complexes into the microscopic core of the gonadal syncytium. These microinjections are technically demanding and represent a key bottleneck for all genome engineering and transgenic approaches in C. elegans. Click to read full publication.

Theresa V Gibney, Michelle Favichia, Laila Latifi, Taylor N Medwig-Kinney, David Q Matus, Daniel C McIntyre, Angelo B Arrigo, Kendall R Branham, Louis T Bubrig, Abbas Ghaddar, Juliana A Jiranek, Kendra E Liu, Charles G Marcucci, Robert J Porter, Ariel M Pani