Publication: Binocular integration in the mouse primary visual cortex

Jianhua Cang
September 12, 2023

Widespread and multifaceted binocular integration in the mouse primary visual cortex

Abstract: The brain combines 2-dimensional images received from the two eyes to form a percept of 3-dimensional surroundings. This process of binocular integration in the primary visual cortex (V1) serves as a useful model for studying how neural circuits generate emergent properties from multiple input signals. Here, we perform a thorough characterization of binocular integration using electrophysiological recordings in the V1 of awake adult male and female mice, by systematically varying the orientation and phase disparity of monocular and binocular stimuli. Click here, to read full publication.

Jieming Fu, Seiji Tanabe, Jianhua Cang