New Assistant Director of Post-Doctoral Affairs for UVA

Dr. Fatima Saldana Morales
November 6, 2023

Dear Colleagues, The Office of Graduate & Post-Doctoral Affairs, in collaboration with the UVA Brain Institute, are excited to introduce Dr. Fatima Saldana Morales as the new Assistant Director of Post-Doctoral Affairs for UVA. This is a new position and we are excited that she is joining us at UVA! It is also very cool that Dr. Morales will be hosted in part within Biology and therefore can enhance our community directly.

Dr. Saldana Morales received her BS in Biology from the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Peru. Next, she studied at Baylor College of Medicine and received both her MS and PhD in Neuroscience, when she studied the modulation of breathing in young mice and its implications in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Most recently, she worked in the Post-Doctoral Affairs Office at NYU.

Because post-docs and graduate students are distributed all over Grounds, she will be splitting her time in New Cabell Hall as well as Gilmer. Dr. Morales will be available in an office in the Biology 326 Suite on Mondays and Thursdays. Stop by and introduce yourself and say hello! And for post-docs and graduate students, feel free to schedule meetings with her while she’s on this side of Grounds.

All the best, Doug Taylor