More Awards to Celebrate!

April 27, 2021

Biology graduate student Omar Guessoum (left, Gomez Lab) has been selected to receive the Dent Award for 2020 in recognition of his highlighted publication in the area of endocrinology or developmental biology (Guessoum, O, et al., “Proliferation does not contribute to murine models of renin cell recruitment” Acta Physiol. (2020);00:e13532). The Dent Award was established in 1986 in honor of Dr. Jim Dent on the occasion of his retirement from the faculty of the University.  It is awarded annually to a student publishing or completing a dissertation in the area of developmental biology or endocrinology during the last calendar year and for demonstrating dedication to the principles of scholarship and personal integrity that marked the tenure of Professor Dent at the University of Virginia. The Dent Award comes with an engraved Jefferson cup and a $500 cash award.

Dr. Jennifer McDaniels (center, formerly of the Jennifer Güler Lab) and Dr. Yu Yong (right, formerly of the Deppmann Lab) have both been selected to receive the Fleming Prize in recognition of completing a doctoral dissertation of outstanding quality, originality and significance in the 2020 calendar year. The Fleming Prize was established in 1929 to perpetuate the memory of Andrew Fleming, an avid student of Biology, particularly entomology.  It is awarded annually and comes with an engraved Jefferson cup and an invitation to return to UVA to present a seminar (usually within the next year or two), at which time an honorarium of $500 is presented.

Congratulations to all!