Mission, Vision, and Values


Our mission is to make fundamental discoveries about the nature of life on earth. We use interdisciplinary research to explain how molecules, genes, organisms, and ecosystems function and affect human health outcomes. We seek to train the next generation of scientists, and with them, contribute to a scientifically literate society. 


We work at the cutting edge of scientific research to discover and disseminate knowledge and generate wisdom about biological systems. We seek to provide the highest level of training and mentorship to our students and trainees. We seek to make fundamental, transformative science accessible to all. We seek to provide a scientific basis for the management and preservation of human health and the natural world. 


Our mission and vision are supported by a commitment to a core set of values that guide what we do as a community of scholars: 

  • Freedom of Inquiry: Promote open exploration of science that is accepting of respectful, constructive criticism and unbound by external pressures 

  • Integrity: Promote and maintain the highest standards of scientific, academic, and professional ethics 

  • Societal Impact: Conduct science that makes a positive impact on the world 

  • Diversity and Inclusivity: Strengthen and foster a community that supports people from diverse backgrounds and empowers individuals for who they are 

  • Collegiality: Facilitate collaboration, teamwork, and support for each other’s success 

  • Community Engagement: Respectfully and cooperatively engage with the communities where we live, study, and work