List of Biology Courses by Disciplinary Area

Biology Major Elective Courses by Disciplinary Area Scheduled to be Offered Spring/Fall 2022
S22 = Spring 2022; F22 = Fall 2022; J22 = J-Term 2022; (L) = Lab course
(updated 3/21/2022)

List of Biology Courses by Disciplinary Area Spring/Fall 2022 (PDF)
List of Biology Courses by Disciplinary Area 21_22 (PDF)

Area I: Cell/Molecular Biology

BIOL 3030        Biochemistry   F22

BIOL 3050        Introduction to Neurobiology            F22

BIOL 3240        Introduction to Immunology              S22

BIOL 3559        Editing Genes and Genomes S22

BIOL 4005        Functional Genomics Laboratory       S22 (L)

BIOL  4013       Stem Cells in Development and Disease        S22

BIOL 4016        Genetic Approaches to Precision Medicine   S22

BIOL 4040        Laboratory in Cell Biology       S22 (L)

BIOL 4190        The Biological Clock    S22

BIOL 4260        Cellular Mechanisms S22

BIOL 4280        Genetic Basis of Behavior       F22

BIOL 4320        Signal Transduction: How cells talk to each other     S22

BIOL 4330        Wiring the Brain         S22

BIOL 4430        Experimental Plant Biology Laboratory         F22 (L)

BIOL 4390        Biological Therapy of Cancer  S22

BIOL 4045        Neurodegenerative Diseases F22

Area II: Integrative Biology

BIOL 3040        Developmental & Regenerative Biology        S22

BIOL 3090        Our World of Infectious Disease        S22

BIOL 3180        Introduction to Plants and Society     S22

BIOL 3230        Animal Physiology      S22

BIOL 3270        General Microbiology with Laboratory          S22 (L)

BIOL 3410        Human Anatomy & Physiology I         F22 (L)

BIOL 3559        Plant pharmacology   F22

BIOL 4070        Developmental Biology Laboratory   F22 (L)

BIOL 4011        Homeostasis: The Wisdom of the Body         S22

BIOL  4014       The Cellular Origins of Animal Diversity         S22

BIOL 4017        How Plant Biotechnology Can Save Our Planet         S22     

BIOL 4270        Animal Behavior Laboratory F22

BIOL 4018        NextGen Sequencing: Minions the Microbe Detective          F22 (L)

BIOL 4559        Advanced Analytical Morphogenesis Laboratory      S22 (L)

BIOL 4770        Synthetic Biology        S22

Area III: Evolution/Ecology

BIOL 3250        Introduction to Animal Behavior       S22

BIOL 3450        Biodiversity & Conservation   F22

BIOL 4130        Population Ecology and Conservation Biology          F22

BIOL 4150        The Evolution of Sex   F22

BIOL 4559        Ecology in the Underworld: The New Frontier    J-term 22

BIOL 4559        Animal Social Networks          S22

BIOL 4585        Evolutionary Genomics          J-term 22

BIOL 4610        Molecular Evolution: Diversity, Mutants & the Biological Myth of Race             S22

EVSC 3200       Fundamentals of Ecology       S22, F22

All courses offered at Mountain Lake Biological Station during summer 2022 are Lab courses & satisfy the Area III Disciplinary requirement.  Additional Evolution/Ecology area courses:  List of Biology-related Environmental Sciences Courses