Graduation 2021



                DISTINGUISHED MAJORS                                                                                                         THE ANDREW FLEMING PRIZE *

An, Alexander Chantima: Bachelor of Arts with Distinction                                                                                      Jennifer McDaniels 
Armstrong, Matthew Robert Grosse: Bachelor of Arts with Highest Distinction                                                       Yu Yong
Asfour, Tony Dani: Bachelor of Science with Distinction
Baker, Olivia Marie: Bachelor of Arts with Highest Distinction                                                                THE JAMES NORMAN DENT AWARD **
De Hoyos, Henry Newkirk: Bachelor of Arts with High Distinction                                                                            Omar Guessoum
Ene, Nnenna Audrey: Bachelor of Arts with Highest Distinction
Haynes, Claire Marie: Bachelor of Science with High Distinction                             WINNERS OF THE 37th ANNUAL RICHARD D. KATZ RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM ***
Hirt, Ashley Kathryn: Bachelor of Science with Distinction                                                                                   1st Place - Henry De Hoyos
Honeycutt, Ethan Sebastian: Bachelor of Science with Highest Distinction                                                         2nd Place - Olivia Baker
Kilgore, Madison Olivia: Bachelor of Science with High Distinction                                                                      3rd Place - Nnenne Ene
Minor, Elizabeth Claire : Bachelor of Arts with Distinction                                                                                                  
Moscovich, Tamara Cecilia: Bachelor of Arts with High Distinction                                                           THE BIOLOGY TEACHING AWARD ****
Reddy, Mahima Sahadev: Bachelor of Science with Highest Distinction                                                                Dr. Jessamyn Manson
Waterhouse, Claire Elise: Bachelor of Arts with High Distinction  
Woods, Kate Sheila: Bachelor of Arts with Highest Distinction

* The Andrew Fleming Prize is awarded to Graduate Students of Biology who have defended a dissertation of outstanding quality, originality and significance (must have graduated in the past year). The recipient will be invited to return to UVA to present a departmental seminar on their post-doctoral research during a future academic year. 

** The James Norman Dent Award is awarded to Graduate Students in Biology who have demonstrated interest through dissertation OR publication in developmental biology or endocrinology, plus interest and potential in one or both of these fields, and a dedication to the principles of scholarship and personal integrity which marked the tenure of Biology Professor James Dent at the University of Virginia.

*** The Richard D. Katz Undergraduate Research Symposium gives the Distinguished Majors Program candidates an opportunity to present their research findings to Biology students and faculty.

**** The Biology Teaching Award is given to a faculty member who has shown extraordinary excellence in the classroom.