'Driving Change' gives STEM students support

'Driving Change' gives STEM students support
November 10, 2022

New funding announced from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute will support the University of Virginia’s efforts to strengthen the study and teaching of science, technology, engineering and math – the “STEM” fields – for all of its students.

UVA’s collaboration with 13 other institutions through the IE3 Learning Community focuses on improving instruction and evaluation of students in introductory STEM classes to make them more achievement-oriented and to foster success for all students. The IE3 community at UVA includes faculty generating and sharing ideas and pursuing actionable approaches for introductory courses across five programs, led by Jessamyn Manson (biology), Diana Morris (applied math), Jim Rolf (math), Kevin Welch (chemistry) and Xiaochao Zheng (physics).

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Photo: UVA is participating in Driving Change, an initiative that aims to enhance the experience and success of STEM students. Here, students work together in a chemical engineering lab course. (Photo by Tom Cogill)