Courses Offered


The Student Information System (SIS) is the official resource for viewing UVA’s complete Course Catalog, as well as term-by-term course listings. 

You can also browse both specific semester schedules of classes (fall, spring, January, summer) and the complete course catalog on the unofficialLou’s List.

If you’re trying to plan your Biology course schedule over the next several semesters, you can use the list of Regularly Offered Biology Major Courses, which identifies “typical” fall versus spring semester scheduling. 

More information about summer courses that are taught at the Biology Department’s Mountain Lake Biological Station can be found on the field station’s website.

More information about the Biology Department’s international course offerings (such as the popular BIOL 3660: Marine Biology and Coral Reef Ecology in San Salvador) can be found on the Study Abroad Program: UVA in the Bahamas website. Again this spring we are offering our Marine Biology/ Coral Reef Ecology course from May 11-May 31 and invite you to apply. The site is open at Study Abroad and we urge you to complete the application as soon as possible since the application deadline is March 1.  If you wish to have more information or have questions, please contact Professor Fred Diehl (222 Chemistry Building; ( for information or to set up a meeting to discuss the course.  (The course is co-listed  as ENVS 3660 for anyone interested in credit from that department.)