Ecology and Evolution


Representative Publications

  • Eom DS, Parichy DM. 2017. A macrophage relay for long distance signaling during post-embryonic tissue remodeling. Science doi:10.1126/science.aal2745.

  • Eom DS, Bain EJ, Patterson LB, Grout ME, Parichy DM. 2015. Long-distance communication by specialized cellular projections during pigment pattern development and evolution. eLife 10.7554/eLife.12401.


Representative Publications

  • Parachnowitsch, A.L.* and J.S. Manson*. 2015.The chemical ecology of plant pollinator interactions: recent advances and future directions. Current Opinion in Insect Science 8:41-16.
  • Manson, J.S., D. Cook, D.R. Gardner and R.E. Irwin. 2013. Dose-dependent effects of nectar alkaloids in a montane plant-pollinator community. Journal of Ecology 101: 1604-1612.


Representative Publications

  • Bergland, A.O., Tobler, R., González, J., Schmidt, P. & Petrov, D. (2015). Secondary contact and local adaptation contribute to genome-wide patterns of clinal variation in Drosophila melanogaster. In press, Molecular Ecology, 10.1111/mec.13455.


Representative Publications

  • Carey MA, Covelli V, Brown A, Medlock G, Haaren M, Cooper J, Papin J, Guler JL (2018). Influential parameters for the analysis of intracellular parasite metabolomics. mSphere. Apr 18;3(2). PMCID:PMC5907652.

  • Carey MA, Papin JA*, Guler JL* (2017).  Novel Plasmodium falciparum metabolic  network  reconstruction identifies shifts associated with clinical antimalarial resistance. BMC Genomics.  Jul 19;18(1):543. PMCID:PMC5518114. (*) denotes co-corresponding authors.


Representative  Publications 

  • Potter, S., S.G. Stafford, J.L. Travis, J.P. Collins, S.T.A. Pickett, C.B. Fenster, E.S. Nagy, M. Poston. (2015). Opportunities Abound: A call for leadership in the life sciences. BioScience, 65(1):14-20.
  • Porter, J.H, E.S. Nagy, P.C. Hanson, T.K. Kratz, S.L. Collins and P. Arzberger. (2008). New eyes on the world: advanced sensors for ecology. BioScience. Invited.


Representative Publications    

  • Kopeny, M., Grady, J., Matthews, W., Keller, S., and Lynch, A. (2008). Conservation Status of the Spotted Form of the Margined Madtom Noturus insignis in the Dan River: A Genetic, Morphological and Distributional Investigation. Final Report to Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.


Representative Publications

  • Ren, T., Glatt, D.U., Nguyen, T.N., Allen, E.K., Early, S.V., Sale, M., Winther, B., Wu, M. 16S rRNA survey revealed complex bacterial communities and evidence of bacterial interference on human adenoids. Environmental Microbiology. (In press).
  • Kembel, S.W., Wu, M., Eisen, J.A., Green, J.L. Incorporating 16S gene copy number information improves estimates of microbial diversity and abundance. PLoS Computational Biology. (In press).


Representative Publications

  • Fields, P.D., D.E. McCauley, E.. McAssey, and D.R. Taylor. (2013). Patterns of cyto-nuclear linkage disequilibrium in Silene latifolia: genomic heterogeneity and temporal stability. Heredity, in press.


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