Neurobiology and Behavior

Mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease

Evolutionary genetics and behavioral ecology

Mouse Visual System

Neuronal function and behavior in flies

Mechanisms of neural development and disease

Signal processing by the central nervous system

Neurotransmitters and behavior in the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster

Behavior and neurobiology of electric fishes

The role of glial-glial interactions during nervous system devleopment, disease and regeneration

Retinal Development and Disease

Electrophysiology of startle responses in crustaceans

Developmental genetics, evolution and regeneration of adult morphology in vertebrates

Non-visual effects of light on physiology and behavior

Regulation of neural stem cell proliferation


Other Faculty In Neurobiology & Behavior 


Michael Menaker
The Menaker lab studies the overall organization of the circadian systems of vertebrates.