Molecular Genetics, Cell and Development

Genetics of planar cell polarity and genetics of cuticle formation

PI: Paul Adler

Ecological and evolutionary genetics

Mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease

The interaction between plants and microbes

Mechanisms of neural development and disease

Genetics of embryonic eye development

Signal processing by the central nervous system

Mechanisms of genetic and metabolic adaptation in the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum

Mechanisms regulating polarized cell growth

The role of glial-glial interactions during nervous system devleopment, disease and regeneration

Retinal Development and Disease

Genetics of obesity, diabetes, and aging

PI: Eyleen Jorgelina O'Rourke

Developmental genetics, evolution and regeneration of adult morphology in vertebrates

Biology of the dynamic actin filament cytoskeleton

Regulation of neural stem cell proliferation


Other Faculty in Molecular Genetics, Cell & Development

Claire Cronmiller
The Cronmiller lab focuses on understanding how complex sequences of differentiation are genetically regulated during development.

Raymond Keller
The Keller lab studies early vertebrate morphogenesis and development.

Paul Skoglund 

Anthony Spano  

Michael Timko  
The Timko laboratory studies the functional genomics of host -parasite interactions using a variety of molecular and cell biological approaches and computational analyses. 

Michael Wormington