Department Seminars & Events


 The Friday Biology Seminar Series will be held in Gilmer Hall Rm. 190 at noon unless otherwise noted below. 

Friday, March 23 Ajay Chitnis, PhD., M.B.B.S., Senior Investigator and Head of the Section on Neural Developmental Dynamics, NIH Intramural Research Program. “Self-organization of neuromast formation and deposition by the migrating zebrafish Lateral Line primordium”. 12 noon, GIL 190. Refreshments served at 11:45. Host: Raymond Keller.
Friday, March 30 Erin Mordecai, PhD., Assistant Professor of Biology, Stanford University. "Global change and the ecology of vector-borne disease". 12 noon, GIL 190. Refreshments served at 11:45. Hosts: Emme Bruns & Janis Antonovics.
Friday, April 6 Post-Doc Mini Symposium. Speakers: Laura Fontenas, PhD. (Kucenas Lab), Andy Aman, PhD. (Parichy Lab), Matt Koski, PhD. (Galloway Lab), and David Shook, PhD. (Keller Lab). 12:00 noon, GIL 190. Refreshments served before and after symposium. Host: Tracy Larson. Click here for talk details.
Friday, April 13 Zhigang He, PhD., Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School. "Axon regeneration in CNS". 12 noon, Physics Rm. 204. Refreshments served at 11:45. Host: Xiaorong Liu.
Friday, April 20 Gregg Gundersen, PhD., Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology, Columbia University. Talk title TBA. 12 noon, GIL 190. Refreshments served at 11:45. Host: George Bloom.
Friday, April 27 Eugene Eng Lin, PhD., Postdoctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University. Talk Title TBA. 12 noon, GIL 190. Refreshments served at 11:45. Host: Ariel Gomez.