Faculty Spotlight: John Campbell

How does the brain control appetite, digestion, and metabolism? What are the key neural cell types, neurocircuits, and signaling mechanisms involved? The Campbell lab is answering these questions in mouse models by combining single-cell genomics with cell type-targeted genetic technology such as CRISPR/Cas9, optogenetics, and in vivo calcium imaging. We first use single-cell genomics and unsupervised clustering analysis to identify the relevant neuronal populations and their genetic markers. We then utilize these markers to determine the specific physiological role of each population, mapping their synaptic circuitry and monitoring and manipulating their activity in vivo. A major focus of the lab currently is the parasympathetic neuron populations of the hindbrain that control distinct functions of the digestive system, including gastric motility and insulin secretion. To learn more about our lab and the work we do, please visit our website at www.CampbellLab-UVA.com.