The Magic of Mt. Lake As Told By Former Biology Ph.D. Student Amy Pedersen in UVA Today

mtlake 072418
July 24, 2018

Former Biology Ph.D. student Amy Pedersen (class 2005), now a Research Biologist at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, describes the wonders and the significance of the Mt. Lake Biological Station in today's edition of UVA Today. "Mountain Lake is a magical place because it provides an opportunity for scientists of any age, from undergraduates to full professors, to work in the field in a very beautiful and biologically diverse area." Dr. Pedersen has returned to the station as an instructor several times since receiving her degree, and never fails to appreciate "the unique ability to pair more traditional lectures with hands-on field and laboratory experiences across a diverse set of organisms in the wild, such as mice, bats, birds, salamanders and insects." To read the full article, please click here.

Photo by Mitch Powers, University Communications