List of Biology Courses by Disciplinary Area (effective as of 2017)

Biology Major Elective Courses by Disciplinary Area -- Effective For Major Declarations, as of Spring 2017 *
(F: Fall offering, S: Spring offering, L indicates laboratory course) 
(updated 7/12/2017)

Area I:  Cell/Molecular Biology

BIOL 3030         Biochemistry   F
BIOL 3050         Introduction to Neurobiology   F
BIOL 3240         Introduction to Immunology   S
BIOL 3650         Molecular Biology of Human Disease
BIOL 4005 (L)    Functional Genomic Screening to Identify Disease Mechanisms & Treatment   S
BIOL 4015 (L)    Neural Development Laboratory: From Stem Cells to Neuronal Circuitry   F
BIOL 4040 (L)    Laboratory in Cell Biology   S
BIOL 4120         When Good Cells Go Bad   F
BIOL 4250         Human Genetics   S
BIOL 4260         Cellular Mechanisms   S
BIOL 4280         The Genetic Basis of Behavior   S
BIOL 4310         Sensory Neurobiology   S
BIOL 4320         Signal Transduction:  How Cells Talk to Each Other   S
BOL  4335         Functional Organization of Sensory Systems  F
BIOL 4340         Experimental Foundations of Neurobiology   F
BIOL 4430 (L)    Experimental Plant Biology Laboratory: Drugs & Infectious Diseases    F
BIOL 4440         Cell Biology of Lipids and Membranes   S
BIOL 4560 (L)    Electric Crayfish: Elements of Neurophysiology   F
BIOL 4660         How do they do it? Method and Logic in Biomedical Sciences   S 

Area II:  Integrative Biology

BIOL 3040         Developmental and Regenerative Biology   S
BIOL 3090         Biology of Infectious Disease
BIOL 3120         Microbiology in the Genomics Era **
BIOL 3150 (L)    Microbiology Lab  **
BIOL 3180         Introduction to Plant Biology   S
BIOL 3270 (L)    General Microbiology with Laboratory   S
BIOL 3410 (L)    Human Anatomy and Physiology I   F
BIOL 3420 (L)    Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology II   S
BIOL 3710         The Biology of Stress  F
BIOL 4050         Developmental Mechanisms of Human Disease   F
BIOL 4070 (L)    Developmental Biology Laboratory   F
BIOL 4190         Biological Clocks   F
BIOL 4335         Functional Organization of Sensory Systems  F
BIOL 4350         Metabolism: In Sickness and In Health   S
BIOL 4770         Synthetic Biology   S

Area III:  Evolution/Ecology

BIOL 3250         Introduction to Animal Behavior   S 
BIOL 3450         Biodiversity and Conservation   F
BIOL 3660 (L)    Marine Biology and Coral Reef Ecology in San Salvadore (Summer)
BIOL 4100 (L)    Management of Forest Ecosystems   F
BIOL 4130         Population Biology and Conservation Biology   F
BIOL 4135         Biology of Aging   F
BIOL 4150         Evolution of Sex   F
BIOL 4180         Behavioral Ecology   F
BIOL 4230         Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics   S
BIOL 4270 (L)    Animal Behavior Laboratory   F
BIOL 4380         Evolution and Ecology of Development   F
BIOL 4450         Plant-Animal Interactions   F
BIOL 4460 (L)    Forest Sampling S
BIOL 4559         Plant Animal Interactions
BIOL 4610         Molecular Evolution    S
BIOL 4751 (L)    Plant Conservation and Diversity (Mountain Lake Summer field course)
BIOL 4754 (L)    Field Herpetology  (Mountain Lake Summer field course)
BIOL 4758 (L)    Field Biology of Insects (Mountain Lake Summer field course)
BIOL 4759 (L)    Field Methods in Wildlife Ecology (Mountain Lake Summer field course)
BIOL 4760 (L)    Hormones and Behavior (Mountain Lake Summer field course)
EVSC 3200        Fundamentals of Ecology   F,S

Additional Evolution/Ecology area courses:  List of Biology-related Environmental Sciences Courses

*Some elective courses might not be offered every year.  Be sure to check with the instructor, when planning ahead.

**Please note that Spring 2017 will be the last time that BIOL 3120 (microbiology lecture alone) and BIOL 3150 (microbiology laboratory alone) will be offered.