Evolution Education team publishes teacher-scientist collaboration

August 15, 2017

Photo: Brandon Pope, Cara Giordano, Cheyenne Sams, and Nick Kiriazis head to their study islands

The new issue of Behavioral Ecology features a study led by Biology graduate student Aaron Reedy, in collaboration with high school teachers Brandon Pope and Nick Kiriazis, UVA Biology majors Cara Giordano and Cheyenne Sams, and colleagues Dan Warner (Auburn University) and Bob Cox (UVA). Using island populations of brown anole lizards, the team characterized sex differences in the behavioral responses of resident male and female lizards to staged intrusions onto their territories. The project is part of the Cox lab's NSF-funded Evolution Education program, which pairs science teachers with UVA biologists to provide opportunities for authentic scientific discovery in the K-12 classroom.

Read the full paper here: https://doi.org/10.1093/beheco/arx095

For details on the Evolution Education program: http://www.EvolutionEd.org