Dept. of Biology welcomes two new faculty: Dr. Jianhua Cang and Dr. Xiaorong Liu

March 15, 2017

In the Fall 2017 semester, the Department of Biology will welcome two new faculty, Dr. Jianhua Cang and Dr. Xiaorong Liu. 

Dr. Cang will be the Paul T. Jones Jefferson Scholars Professor of Neuroscience, in which he will work with both the Biology and Psychology departments.   His lab, currently located at Northwestern University, focuses on the function and development of the mammalian visual system.  To conduct his research, Dr. Cang uses an approach that combines physiology, imaging, genetics, molecular, behavioral, and computational methods.  His position is the first endowed professorship to be awarded by the Jefferson Scholars Foundation, and has been covered by The Daily Progress.  To learn more about Dr. Cang’s research, visit his lab website.

In addition, Dr. Xiaorong Liu’s research goals involve understanding the regulation, as well as misregulation, of retinal structures and functions during development.  Her interests also include investigating how the visual system degenerates in mouse models of experimental glaucoma.  Currently a faculty member at Northwestern University, Dr. Liu will be joining the Biology and Psychology departments as an Assistant Professor.  Interested in learning more about her lab?  You can visit her website here.