Biology Undergraduate Awarded Rotary Scholarship

April 6, 2017

Ashley Ferguson, a distinguished major in the Department of Biology, will be studying at the University of Cambridge in their Medical Research Council Cancer Unit.  Nominated by the Rotary Club of Charlottesville and selected by a district committee, the awarded scholarship is worth at least $30,000 and are given to students who aren’t connect to Rotary through family. 

According to UVA Today, Ferguson stated, “In the Frezza lab in Cambridge, I will continue working on cancer metabolism.  There, I will focus on a protein that could unite two potential causes of a cancer cell’s increased growth: DNA damage and changes to the way a cancer cell uptakes and uses energy.”  Currently an Echols Scholar and a College Science Scholar, Ferguson plans to continue this line of research while working towards her Ph.D. 

Of her time at UVA, she said, “I have experienced plenty of failure at UVA, and it is through the close mentorship and personal investment of professors, deans and staff that I was able to apply for this scholarship...I am really excited about the possibility that this award may raise visibility about the value of undergraduates doing scientific research at UVA.”

For more information on Ashley’s research, take a look at this feature article