Angela Morris’ Paper Published in the Journal of Neuroscience

April 13, 2017

Angela Morris, a Ph.D. Candidate working in the lab of Dr. Sarah Kucenas, has recently had a paper accepted into the Journal of Neuroscience.  The publication, “Perineurial Glial Plasticiity and the Role of TGF-β in the Development of Blood-Nerve-Barrier,” was written in collaboration with Gwendolyn Lewis and Dr. Sarah Kucenas.  Please see below for a citation of the article.

The scientific description of the work is as follows: Peripheral neuropathies can result from damage or dysregulation of the insulating myelin sheath surrounding spinal motor axons, causing pain, inefficient nerve conduction and the ectopic migration of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (OPCs), the resident myelinating glial cell of the central nervous system (CNS), into the periphery. How perineurial glia, the ensheathing cells that form the protective blood-nerve-barrier (BNB), are impacted by this myelin composition change is unknown. Here, we report that certain aspects of perineurial glial development and injury responses are mostly unaffected in the presence of ectopic OPCs. However, perineurial glial function is disrupted along nerves containing centrally-derived myelin, demonstrating that although perineurial glial cells display plasticity despite myelin perturbations, the blood-nerve-barrier is compromised in the presence of ectopic OPCs.

Interested in learning more about the work being conducted in Dr. Kucenas’ lab?  Visit her webpage.