2017 Schwager Summer Research Award Winners Announced

April 21, 2017

Thanks to a generous gift from the estate of Robert Schwager, Summer Independent Research Scholarships are available to support Biology students to work in research laboratories. Criteria for support are based both on academic merit and financial need. Students must be eligible for financial aid to receive a scholarship. Students receiving these scholarships are expected to devote 10 weeks to full time summer research, and will submit a report at the end of their scholarship period describing their work. Congratulations to the 2017 scholarship awardees and their mentors! 

Awardees: 2nd row: Center/Right David Johanson, Michael Hizendeger

Mentors:   Left 2nd row/first row: co-mentors of David Johanson: Alban Gautier, Chris Overall
                Right: mentor of Michael Hizendeger: Eyleen O’Rourke